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The top 5% results on searching on several search engines get clicks and the rest 95% stay there un-scrolled and un-scrolled-clicked because SEO has strengthened those 5% results that way!

In the world where online businesses and competitors are racing over a single track towards a similar group of objectives, Search Engine Optimization is a track built by Markigence experts to assists in grasping online rank in those of 5% search results.

SEO is a well-acknowledged marketing channel nowadays. It helps the online businesses to accomplish a large number of online audiences resulting in an increment of online customers, enhancement of sales & revenue and securing higher rank at several search engines like Google and Bing through the assistance of SEO Company.
SEO Experts at Markigence speak times are gone when neighbours were the prominent source of picking a right product, service or brand, search engines are the new neighbours in the 20th century and apparently the trustworthy ones. We at Markigence understand 'How important it is for your brand's website to come into the light of first pages of Search Engine results?'
Hence, SEO Agency works towards the planning and execution of market analyzed based SEO Strategies which directly create a positive impact on the online traffic engagements, online product reputation and online ranking of your brand. It could be impossible to beat your competitor as a silver line in your mind, but to us, it is a challenge to accomplish next!

Types of SEO

Local SEO

"Google is smart, but we are smarter by putting one step ahead in strategy!" Local searches online results are 80% different from the international searches online results, irrespective of what's search engine is being used.
Local SEO Service is distinctive by the size of audience-targeted during planning and execution of fully-analyzed SEO Strategies. Local SEO Service involves the attainment of regional audience's attention, to compete with local competitors alongside in the local market and to maintain local online ranking. Importance of Local SEO Service arises through the personalization system adopted by search engines like Google which catches the local (nearby) websites and shows as in the results rather than those of globally ranked. Markigence SEO professionals take control of online activities relating to the visibility of your brand in the local market and make sure that your product turns out to be the best of all through better online impression and reputation locally. To surround by local competitors online must not impact the growth of your business within your community, that's what Local SEO Services do for you. Markigence assists you in dreaming so, and walk you through the journey of million miles!

International SEO

75% of Internet Users all around the world surf online with off-customization setup, if you're locally known doesn't make you have a handful of the impression on those 75% users. 'Is your product compatible enough to catch a glimpse of the Global online audience?' If yes! Let's go for International SEO Service because your product deserves global explication. International SEO Service refers to the planning and execution of SEO Strategies to target global audience without disturbing the locally targeted audience online experience on the other side of the coin.

International SEO Service with Markigence is preparing SEO Strategies leading to high Google and other search engine ranking globally, irrespective of what location targeted your website is? Your website will be reaching beyond the boundaries of every country within a quick click over searching icon by online Audience from any corner of the world.

What we do at Markigence, once we reach the global audience?
- Communicating with the global audience in their native language.
- Building strategies against Global Market competitors.
- Maximizing Global Customer satisfaction.
- Building and maintenance of customer-friendly links highly impeccable for brand awareness at international level. "What's best could be engaging better but also, to engage wider!"

Local SEO

"US, one of the largest Ecommerce Markets all over the world where 67% of Internet User responding to the product discount/sell option within the first few results on search engine result page." Trend of selling and purchasing online is a tough call until or unless you're driven by the excellent E-commerce SEO Service round the world.
One of the most significant challenges arises in the Search Engine Optimization of E-commerce platforms because, in the context of E-commerce, you're not working on the engagement of a particular product but hundreds of products that your e-commerce website deals in.
E-commerce SEO Service refers to the planning and execution of SEO Strategies to target the audience for every product available on your E-commerce website, boost sales and enhancement of website performing capabilities.
Markigence's SEO mechanism leads to enhancement of one's website quality and quantity wise in addition. We set short-term and long-term achievable goals in the context of online audience engagement, change in sales, and online ranking both locally and internationally. Following the day-to-day achievement of Goals set, we tend to eliminate the consistently rising technical issues with your e-commerce website to avoid rank-to-drop.
"We may not be the producers, but we are the customer's mind makers!"

SEO Services

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SEO Audit

SEO Audit leads to the complete analyzing of the current performance of your website. It is done for the betterment of contemporary positive outcomes of already executed SEO Strategies in the past and rectification of SEO Strategies which are opposing the expected results (even though these are negligible, elimination of probability of risks in future is essential). The primary motive of time-to-time SEO Audit progressions is the removal of technical and customer-based errors arising because of the changes in competitor's online activities and Strategies. SEO Audit ensures that no factors are existing to rank-block your website over any possible local or global search engine.

SEO Strategy Planning & Execution

Different websites contain different customer-base, interests, and priorities. Hence, the creation of exceptional SEO Strategy is primary, which Markigence has gained perfection in. Our SEO Professionals create your website's customer-base corresponding SEO Strategy to ensure the up-sliding performance of website's rank over several search engines including Google. Alongside, during the planning of SEO Strategies, Markigence maintains a list of short-term and long-term ranking goals. Execution of planned SEO Strategies involves apt departmentalization of SEO Team to avoid any double-tasking and technical error from own end.

Keywords Discovery and Creations

"Keywords" is the main factor to create a direct link in between the website and relevant customers. Markigence professionals take into consideration different methodologies to match the keyword requirements of the particular website. The creation of keywords involves all-rounding analyzing of website's customer base, customer's taste and preferences, online trends and competitor's online performance. Created and discovered keywords are utilized in the creation of customer-friendly and effortless to engage SEO Content. Markigence's keywords determining methodologies comprise in the building of right-directing links to local and global customers online.

SEO Content Creation

Are the pictures, links, and discovered keywords enough to satisfy the instinct of your online customers to make a wise choice? What would be voicing your brand, its advantages, and customizations related to it over your competitor's brand? Markigence's SEO Content creation service assists in the development of right content to convince online customers choosing your product over your competitors. Ongoing optimization of website content, Press Release management, Blog Management and adjustments in content strategy for better customer engagement and brand voice are the well-acknowledged steps towards excellent SEO Content Creation services.

On-page and Off-page Optimization

On-page Optimization leads to the natural attainment of goals from the user's end and maintains up-going user experience in the context of website browsing, redirection to the website via links without in-between damage, efficient web page loading progress, and Tag optimization. Off-Page Optimization leads to the promotion of brand other than its respective webpage via social bookmarking, guest posting, video graphic, audio graphics and photographic online content creation and submissions, and social media posting. Both On-page and Off-Page Optimization techniques of Markigence work towards the promotion of your website at a high level and content explication to a broader audience.

Monthly Performance Monitoring

How about hustling and hustling but never examining what's accomplished in the given time and what's yet to achieve? That's not what Markigence believes in. Hence, a monthly performance monitoring by Markigence SEO professionals assists in the better evaluation of 'where the website was?' and 'where it is current?' This step helps in making on-the-spot adjustment and rectification of errors before any damage takes a permanent impact. Alongside, the monthly report provides an accurate idea of website's performance to the owner of the site as well.

SEO Strategy

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An excellent website content, blog or PR is useless until or unless it is coming across the customer's timeline every now and then. These content marketing strategies are one of the major weapons to drive customers to your website directly with an intention of making a purchase, connection or inquiry. Indeed, the promotional strategy of Markigence works towards the influencing of the relevant online audience to acquire the service, product or brand, the respective website offers. Promotional Strategy mainly involves the creation of SEO Content so as to fulfill the customer's need of acknowledging the product, brand or service completely before making a choice.


Our approach is to avoid 'Shortcuts' but to take a successful, reasonable and learning walk from scientific aspects to Artistic aspects involved in Search Engine Optimization service. Our journey of optimization starts from research and analyzing to planning and execution to delivering promised Return on Investment (ROI). Markigence Research and Analyzing process are done from both the ends - client and its customers. Similarly, the planning and execution take into consideration the planning of SEO Strategy to execute and planning of short-term and long-term goals in the context of online ranking and online audience engagement. ROI offered by Markigence includes error-free landing pages, higher online ranking, generation of sales and others.


Google and other search engines have their own conditions when it comes to the explication of one's website to the respective online audience whenever searched. One of these conditions rope in the effective technical working of the website so as to be shown in the searching results. Through the execution of Mechanics strategy of Markigence, it is made sure the website isn't rank-blocked because of any error in the landing page, damaged links, unloadable videos, pdf and readable content and useless pop-ups. Alongside, the creation of exceptional strategies to enhance the technical performance of website and boost user experience.

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