Website is not just your face.
It is your greatest transactional and PR tool.
Invest in a creative, optimized and engaging website.


The UI and UX of website need intricate detailing and attention. With Google Analytics hygiene almost directly proportional to navigation of the website, it has become imperative to have a smart UX of the website.

This goes beyond vanilla website design skills and needs a UX design expert who can place elements strategically on a website and create user journey. Of course, strategic CTAs have to be placed to create a smart user journey. In all, it is design thinking clubbed with function and science to produce a wholesome website UX.


At Markigence, we have developer scores of websites that range from real estate to IT to FMCG to automobile to manufacturing to contemporary ecommerce website development. At the heart of each assignment is the core objective of meeting the purpose. We marry creative and technology to give birth to a website that has all the ingredients to scientifically and creatively engage the audience. Of course, for each website the purpose, approach, design thinking and technology differs.

UI and UX Design Services

It is true and validated that in today’s web 3.0 age websites are of various kinds with each having a particular purpose and audience. We do wide array of websites and cusotmise each product website design and development


Corporate Website

So, you are a product company or provide services to clients, you need a presence online. We do exactly that. Be it conglomerates or independent entities, we offer corporate website design and development to give your business an online presence. Our team of designer, developers and strategists along with creative work on different elements to bring alive a website that gives you advantage digitally.

Ecommerce Website

Before we even talk about the intricacies of ecommerce website design and development, we must humbly state we understand the space beforehand. It is the knowledge of ecommerce domain that leads to a successful strategy and ecommerce website. Our team of strategists and consultants is updated with the know hows of ecommerce and its developments. Be it the announcement of the next unicorn or an ecommerce growth funding, we understand the cycle of ecommerce. This enables us to create smart, GA-friendly, user-friendly and transactional websites. We merge relevant technology with smart UI UX to present a wholesome solution.

We work around various open technologies such as Shopify, Woocomerce, Magento or customcode websites for ecommerce space. Our USP unabashedly remains our understanding of the ecommerce space that is everchanging.


SEO and Website Development

One of the steps that we take when developing a website is to make it SEO-friendly, and it is not just a proverbial promise. Our team of SEO experts and website developers work in tandem first to create an optimised website structure, related content, meta tags and UX to be Search Engine-friendly. Each webpage is also structured in a way to be optimised for Google.

Google Analytics and UX

One of the major factors ignored by most web developers or UX professionals is its impact on Google Analytics. Many website owners see surge in bounce rate or reduction in session time due to poorly laid out UX. Strategic CTAs are missed and user navigation is neglected. At Markigence, our team of digital marketing consultants works in sync with website developers to create a website that would have Google Analytics hygiene. We adhere to compliances and norms and also bring in our UX thinking to support this.


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